Choose Your Subscription

Shipments ship around the 4th of each month. But you can subscribe by the evening of the 7th to get that month's  box or mailer. Subscription orders placed on the 8th or later will begin the following month (unless we extras - contact us for details if you're interested). Shipping to the United States is a flat $2 fee! It actually costs more to ship them, but we cover the rest. International shipping depends on the country but generally ranges from $ 7 -12 per month.

Seasonal Nail Art Mailer

Each month you'll receive four (4) nail art items such as decals, stickers, stencils, and nail tapes. Each package will be themed to the current season and may include items that reflect current holidays in the US such as Halloween, Christmas, and Independence Day, as well as designs that are perfect for fall, winter, spring or summer.

Fearless Nail Art Box

The Fearless Nail Art subscription is presented by The Nailed It Box and features a stamping plate plus two or three sets of water decals that match the theme of the plate. You may also find 3D stickers, stencils foils, hologram stickers, brushes, dotting tools and more. And as a thank you for subscribing, you'll receive a stamper and scraper set as a gift with your first box. Fearless Nail Art does not include any polish, base or top coats.

Fearless Nail Art Box Plus Seasonal Mailer

Choose this option if you would like both the Fearless Nail Art box and the seasonal Mailer delivered to your doorstep each month.

Gift Box (Ships within 2 days, does NOT renew)

The Gift Box is a great way for you to gift or get a box from us without the wait or renewal! The Gift Box will come with 10 items such as stamping plates, water decals, stickers, glitter, and more. In the past, we have over ordered boxes and mailers and the Gift Box is a way for us to clear some inventory and as a way for you to get a ton of items at a lower cost! Makes for a great gift for those who have more immediate holidays and birthdays.