A Fearless Nail Art subscription means you'll receive nail art from us every month for as long as you're a subscriber.  Your first box ships in 3 to 5 days and monthly  (or bi-monthly) thereafter.

Sounds great, right? But here is the best part about a Fearless Nail Art subscription: there are NO contracts and you can cancel, skip a month, and resubscribe whenever you want! We'll also send out renewal reminder emails because we don't want the renewals to catch you by surprise. 

How It Works

Step 1

Pick Your Subscription Plan

We have 2 options - get a box every month with our monthly plan or every other month with our bi-monthly plan.

Step 2

We Pack and Ship Your Box

No need to wait for almost a whole month to get your first box - you'll get it right away and your subscription will automatically renew every (or every other) month on the same date as your first order.

Step 3

Unbox and enjoy!

This is the best step in the subscription, the part where you get to create beautiful manicures! Show off on Insta or FB and tag @fearlessnailart

Stamping Polish and Stamper/Scraper Set with Your First Box

No extra charge. How cool is that? We include instructions too. So even if you're a stamping newbie, you'll be getting professional nail art design looks in no time.