A Fearless Nail Art subscription means you'll receive nail art from us every month for as long as you're a subscriber. All subscription orders ship around the 4th of the month. Sign up on or before the 4th to get that month's nail art. 

Sounds great, right? But here is the best part about a Fearless Nail Art subscription: there are NO contracts and you can cancel, skip a month, and resubscribe whenever you want! We'll also send out renewal reminder emails on the 14th because we don't want the renewals to catch you by surprise. 

We have three Nail Art package options for you - check them out! 

How It Works

Step 1

Pick Your Subscription Plan

We have 3 different subscription options for you, choose the one best suited to your nail art preference! 

Step 2

Your box will ship around the 4th of the month

All of our subscriptions are set to ship around the 4th of the month

Step 3

Unbox and enjoy!

This is the best step in the subscription, the part where you get to create beautiful manicures!